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Barrio Central
Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Barrio Central is a funky cocktail bar in the heart of Soho, London. The bar and drinks are mostly influenced by Latin and South American cultures. Every Tuesdays, there's live Latin and Jazz band playing throughout the night. I've been on Tuesday nights about 3-4 times, and each time the atmosphere is so lively and electric!

The interior design inside is so funky! It's very homely and tropical. The music was great, the staff were friendly, the cocktails were amazing AND deadly! A couple of cocktails and I was already getting tipsy! Or maybe I'm just a lightweight... The only downsides that I found was that the place was too small. It's always so packed every time I come and there's not much room for dancing! The other downside was the expensive prices of non happy-hour drinks!

The 'Amigo Hour' runs from 3pm-8pm, with cocktails starting from £4. The drinks from the Amigo Hour special are Mojito, Long Island Ice Tea, Caipirinha, Margarita, Hawaiian-N-Dry, and Cabana Cooler. I've tried all of them and one word: incredible! This is especially great if you're a student or running on a tight budget. Their main menu includes a vast variety of drinks from all over the world: European, American, Latin, Caribbean and even Asian drinks!

The good old Mojito...

This drink was absolutely gorgeous but was quite a coincidence. My friend and I asked the bartender to make us drinks that we would like. I got a drink with fire lit on top, it was amazing! Shame I didn't get to take a picture of it.. While my friend got this drink with chocolate in it. We both forgot to ask the names for our drinks but they were daaamn good!

Overall, Barrio Central is definitely one pit stop you should make if you are around Soho or Central London. They never cease to give me a great night every time I come to visit.. and I've been there plenty of times! One thing to keep in mind though are the drink prices. Since once you've had one drink, you can't help but try out all the other drinks since they're so good! They will certainly burn a hole in your pocket, and yes, I'm speaking through experience!



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