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Port of Manila 2
Monday, 28 May 2012

Hey everyone! Last Wednesday was my 20th birthday so my boyfriend took me out for a meal at a Filipino restaurant in Hammersmith, London, called Port of Manila. I've already written a review for that restaurant here, but it was too exceptional I felt like doing another one.

As usual, I ordered Sago't Gulaman (a sweet tapioca drink) while my boyfriend got San Mig. We didn't even bother getting a starter, we just headed straight for the main!

Main Number 1: Kare Kare. A tender Ox tail and tripe stew in peanut sauce with annatto oil, pak choi, aubergine, and string beans. One of my most favourite Filipino dish of all time, this main boasts a rich nutty sauce and is perfect accompanied with the sauteed shrimp paste. 

Main Number 2: Halabos na Hipon. King prawn in shell, quickly pan fried in garlic, served with chilli and vinegar dip, and garnished with salad. A very tasty dish which my mum also often makes at home. The only downside was having to de-shell the shrimps with our hands so we were left with sticky fingers afterwards!

Main Number 3: Adobong Manok. Marinated chicken in garlic with soy sauce, vinegar and ground pepper. A very popular dish in the Philippines, not only to the natives but also with the tourists. I thought it was a pretty standard dish to show my Pakistani boyfriend, and no surprise, he loved it! In fact, he loved this main the most out of all of the Filipino dishes that he's tasted!

And obviously, what is a trip to a Filipino restaurant without Halo Halo? It is a sweetened mixed fruits dessert served with crushed ice, leche flan, ube (yam) and ice cream! It was scrumptious and refreshing; exactly what we needed with this English heatwave!

I'm sure I've said enough praises about this restaurant and the food already. If you don't mind splurging money on excellent-quality Filipino food, then Port of Manila is a brilliant choice. The staff were very friendly and chatty and the whole restaurant ambience was quite chilled and relaxed. For me, it is a taste of home - what I've often missed while living on my own in University!



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